Unicum x Nayuta /G’vine

Unicum x Nayuta /G’vine

This is a past post from IG. Pictures are taken during the event.

For all those cocktail lovers in Osaka,
Super Special guest shift at Bar Nayuta w/ Mr. Kayama from @benfiddich_tokyo and Mr. Nakaichi from @bar_shiki
Come and see what happens when Unicum Ambassadors of east Japan and west Japan meets here in our bar!

Pt.1 16:00-18:00
Pt.2 18:30-20:30
Pt.3 21:00-Last

Pt.1 Both guest bartenders will be serving you some wonderful drinks.
Pt.2 Mr. Kayama will be making you his delicious cocktails.
Pt.1-Pt.2 DM for your reservation.
pt.3 No reservations required. Mr. Kayama and bartenders from our bar will be serving and drinking mad cocktails till we close.
Come drop by and enjoy.