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As a tribute to the golden era of cocktail making, when bartenders came up with their own ingredients, we are making some infusions, bitters and liqueurs to serve cocktails in our own interpretation. Classic drinks maybe timeless but we just don’t hold onto the flavors which doesn’t apply to our bar. We are reconstructing and re-imagining classics in our sensibility, seeking for new ideas every moment. Hopefully you will find our cocktails fun and flavorsome.

We believe that perfect time in the bar is not measured in ounces nor techniques go with mixing cocktails. We, bartenders, are not scientists. We, bartenders, are not paint mixers. It goes beyond the mechanics and techniques. We mix drinks and enjoy the time that each of you are sharing with us. Don’t you worry; we all know how important it is to measure right for the tasty drinks and also for us to run the bar. Serving tasty drink here at the bar is the bottom line.

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    1-6-17 Mario Bld.5F,Nishishinsaibashi,
    Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka

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    Open 17:00 Last Call 02:30 Close 03:00

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